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What size Manufactured Home is accepted?


We accept Single Wide Manufactured Homes up to 18' x 76'. Any new Single Wide Home is welcome. Acceptance of Used Homes is subject to age and condition of the home.

Are Used Manufactured Homes accepted?


Yes, subject to management approval. The home must be less than 15 years old. Management approval is contingent upon review of pictures applicant provides that clearly show all four sides of the home.

Are older RV's & converted busses accepted?


We welcome any RV or converted bus as long as the exterior is in good condition; has its own bathroom facilities, and will not be a distraction in the Community.

Is Public Transportation Nearby?


Capital Metro Bus has a Stop at the Royal Palms. From there the Bus Route will take you throughout Austin and the University of Texas.

What Public Schools would my children attend?


Del Valle ISD. Visit the DVISD website under the Resources Tab for details on the specific school(s) your children would attend.

Is there School Transportation Available?


The DVISD School Bus picks-up and delivers the children to Royal Palms at the Corto Dr. exit.

Are the Public Restrooms Open 24/7?


The Public restrooms are available at the Clubhouse during Office Hours and extended hours when the Swimming Pool is OPEN. All RV's are expected to have fully operational bathroom facilities.

Are the Laundry Facilities Open 24/7?


Yes. The Facility is located on the Southeast corner of the Clubhouse.

What Recreational Facilities are available? Hours Open?


There is a Swimming Pool, Basketball Court, Tennis Backboard, and a Children's Playground. All facilities except the Swimming Pool are open 24/7 from 9am - 10pm. Swimming Pool is open from mid-May to mid-September.

When is the Swimming Pool Open? Terrace Hours?


Depending upon the weather, pool season at the Royal Palms is generally from mid-May to mid-September. When OPEN, the Swimming Pool and Terrace hours are 9am-9pm, Sunday-Thursday and 9am-10pm, Friday & Saturday. Once the pool season is ended, the Terrace will remain open during regular Office Hours.

What is my Address at the Royal Palms?


All lot numbers are associated with a Street Name, such as Corto, La Posada, Madrona, Royal Palms, Olmos, Palma Circle or Yucca. If you live on Yucca Dr and your lot # is 14, your legal address is 14 Yucca, Austin, TX 78744. All individual lots, with similarly derived addresses, are registered with USPS, EMS, Fire and Police and should be provided to the authorities in an emergency. In ANY EMERGENCY, CALL 911.

Where is Mail Delivered at the Royal Palms?


Each lot address (such as 14 Yucca) is registered with the USPS. All mail will be delivered to the mailbox in front of each lot, or if your address is on either Corto or La Posada, to the MBU boxes at the eastside entrance to the Community. A mailbox key from the Office will be required to access the MBU box. Residents are welcome to leave outgoing mail at the Office and have oversized packages delivered to the Office.

What if I have an Emergency while at the Royal Palms?


All lots within the Royal Palms are registered with Austin EMS, Police and Fire Department. Call 911, describe the emergency and give them your address - such as "14 Yucca". DO NOT USE THE 7901 E. BEN WHITE BLVD ADDRESS – it applies to the Office only!

What are the Pet Policies?


Sorry, but Pit Bull, Rottweiler, Doberman and other dangerous dog breeds are not allowed. Dogs under 25 lbs are welcome; however, when outside, any dog must be on a leash with the owner holding the other end. Pet enclosures are not allowed. Owner MUST immediately collect pet droppings, securely seal in a plastic bag and properly dispose in a waste receptacle. Farm animals are not allowed.

What if I have trouble with my TV Channels?


Contact Time Warner (512-485-5555) and report the problem.

What if I want Premium TV Channels?


Contact Time Warner (512-485-5555) provides TV Service to Royal Palms. Contact TW directly if you wish to subscribe to any Premium TV Channels.

May I Pay My Bill Online?


Yes, you may open your own Login Account on this Website and make payments direct by check or credit card. Contact the Royal Palms Office if you need assistance.

May I Autopay My Bill?


Print the ACH Check Authorization, complete and 1) mail, 2) fax or 3) email to the Royal Palms Office.

May I have my monthly bill paid automatically?


Yes, The ACH Check Authorization Form may be used to Autopay future bills as it comes due.

How is the Community able to prevent vehicle clutter and keep its streets so clear?


Easy to comply parking rules allow the Community to maintain vehicle order in the community, which helps to provide a clean, safe and attractive place for all residents. To maintain this standard that has helped Royal Palms become the "Keep Austin Beautiful" Award Winner, towing is enforced.

What Security measures are taken by Management to enhance the safety of its residents?


Aside from street lights and limited coverage cameras, the Office does utilize a variety of confidential measures to enhance the security of its residents; however, security of person and property is a personal responsibility and Royal Palms cannot be responsible for any losses incurred by residents or their guests. In the unlikely event of a loss, or if you observe an illegal act, Call 911 and the Royal Palms Office IMMEDIATELY!

Is there an RV Lot Reservation Cancellation Penalty?


A full Refund will be made if the Reservation is Cancelled by email to or via telephonic conversation (no voice message) by 5pm, at least 2 business days prior to the paid arrival date. If Cancelled within 2 business days, the Refund will be for the amount paid, less 2 Daily Rate Charges.

Is there a Penalty for Canceling a “Deposit to Hold” on an RV Lot?


“Deposit to Hold” applies when a Lot is being held for a future move-in-date, when there is no other available Lot. No “Deposit to Hold” Reservation will be accepted by Royal Palms, except by written agreement with prospective resident. There is no refund of a cancelled “Deposit to Hold” prepayment.

How is the safety and cleanliness of the Community maintained?


Royal Palms personnel have over 80 years of collective property management and campground experience; hence, we are keenly aware of the importance of developing and implementing procedures and practices that enhance resident safety, convenience, comfort and satisfaction. To accomplish this broad task it is essential that community standards be implemented and even-handedly enforced. Persons who are not considerate of their neighbors (i.e. broadcast loud music), seek to use their lawn to collect vehicles and “junk” and are not prideful of their home and community will likely prefer to live elsewhere. To provide a clean environment that fosters resident safety, Community, and Vehicle and Parking Rules are enforced. All streets are private, “no–through” paved roads with traffic speeds restricted to 15 mph. The children's playground and basketball court are fence enclosed and the swimming pool area is accessible only by resident assigned key.

What makes Royal Palms a “Keep Austin Beautiful” Award Recipient?


Royal Palms is the proud recipient of the “Keep Austin Beautiful” Award. Keep Austin Beautiful, a non-profit organization, encourages the greater environmental stewardship among individuals and businesses, by periodically awarding local area businesses for their “distinguished community leadership in promoting a clean litter–free environment”. Royal Palms endeavors to always warrant this recognition as a Clean Business in Central Texas.