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If you die, are seriously ill, are missing, or have vacated the premises according to a legal affidavit (check one or more): the above persons(s), your spouse/co-applicant, or your parent or child, we may allow such person(s) to enter your dwelling to remove all contents, as well as your property. If no box is checked, any of the above ar authorized at our option. If you are seriously ill or injured, you authorize us to call EMS or send for an ambulance at your expense. we are not legally obligated to do so.


Application Fee (non-refundable): You have delivered to our representative one or more $50 application fee(s), and these payments partially defray the cost of administrative paperwork. They are non-refundable.

Competed Application: An Application will not be considered "completed" and will not be processed until 1) a separate Application has been fully filled out and signed by you and all other occupants over the age of 18 who will be living in the home at the address for which you are making application and 2) the $50 application fee for each Application has been paid to us.

Nonapproval in Seven Days: We will notify you, whether you've been approved, within seven days after the date we receive all completed Applications. Notification may be in person, or by mail or telephone, unless you have requested notification by mail. You must not assume approval, until you receive actual notice of approval.

If You Fail to Sign Lease After Approval: You and all occupants must sign the Lease Agreement within three business days after we notify you of your approval, in person or by telephone, or the Application will be discarded; and the Lot will be made available to another applicant.

Notice to or from occupants: Any notice we give you is considered notice to all occupants.

Authorization: You authorize us to verify, by all available means, the above, including reports from consumer reporting agencies before, during and after tenancy, on matters relating to your Lease, and income history and other information reported by employer(s) to any state employment security agency. Work history information many be used only for this Rental Application. Authority to obtain work history information expires 365 days from the date of this Application. Background information may be checked or re-verified at anytime. Right of Occupancy may thereafter be denied, if there is an adverse change in criminal history.

Acknowledgment: You declare that all your statements on this Application are true and complete. You authorize us to verify same through any means, including consumer reporting agencies and other rental housing owners. If you fail to answer any question or give false information, we may reject the application, retain all application fees and deposits as liquidated damages for our time and expense, and terminate your right of occupancy. Giving false information is a serious criminal offense. In lawsuits relating to the application or Lease Contract, the prevailing party may recover all attorney's fees and litigation costs from the losing party. We may at any time furnish information to consumer reporting agencies and other rental housing owners regarding your performance of your legal obligations, including both favorable and unfavorable information about your compliance with the Lease Contract, the rules, and financial obligations. Fax signatures are legally binding.

Right to Review the Lease: Before you submit an application or pay any application fee or security deposit, you have the right to review the Application for Lease and Lease Agreement, as well as any community rules or policies we have. You may also consult an attorney. These documents are binding legal documents when signed. You are entitled to an original of the Lease Agreement after it is fully signed.

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